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Falling Leaves Collection..

Luvatraxion inspired collections ~ Iceland

The name of this project is inspired by the many paths I have taken in this grand adventure of Life. I have had the priviledge to wander this wild and magical world and capture many moments of beauty along the way. Moved by the work of the Law of Attraction, Spiritual Growth Practices of many kinds and Artistic and Inspirational Abandon through Music, Dance, Meditation and Catharsis, I bring together here years of collected bits and pieces of these galleries of experience. 

Having lived many places in the last decade, with Paris, Vancouver, New York City, Reykjavik Iceland, Pune Hawaii and Costa Rica to name a few, I consider myself a Global Citizen Living on Planet Earth. 
With our world becoming smaller and our opportunities to share growing bigger with the online world, I found with Shopify a really simple and sweet way to share some of the magical moments I have gathered along the way. This project and these collections are part of the "Artistic Expression" aspect of a life lived in Love and Expansion. 
I hope that these collections will inspire you to Travel, Open your Hearts and Minds and take your Magical Journey within and without and share the Artistic Expression in your life. I welcome your feedback and stories to be shared as a collaboration. I love to hear of other's adventures too.
Luvatraxion is also the founder and creator of "The Prana Sanctuary" a wholistic wellness company that offers Yoga, Meditation, Movement Medicine and Nutritional Counseling around the world. The Prana Sanctuary is currently curating wholistic retreats in Iceland and partnering with other projects in Guatemala and Canada. Luvatraxion is also the creator of "Rituals of Awakening" which is a passion project created to bring Ritual back into mainstream life. Ritual is an ancient way of honoring the cycles of Living and Dying in Daily Life, not to mention all the small yet impactful changes that mark Rites of Passage, like Marriage and Graduation to name just two. Ritual is known to be connected to the Health of Communities, as exemplified by Indigenous cultures worldwide. 
Please feel free to contact us with questions or insights~
Have a magical and wondered journey friends..

We hope that you will find pleasure and comfort, inspiration and insight in these bright examples of a wild island in the North filled with magic and wonder.