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Luvatraxion ~ The Iceland Collection


Welcome to Luvatraxion. 

We are thrilled to be here and to share our First Collection with you on Shopify. This collection is dear to our heart as Iceland has been home now for almost a year. This vivid bold collection is the Summer in Iceland collection and will make any area in your home sparkle. Iceland is a vast and harsh landscape that becomes a brilliant canvas under the Midnight Sun. We were blessed with a magnificent hot sunny summer and here are some of the magical moments captured around this mystical island. 

Enjoy the bold colors and stark landscapes, we hope that it inspires you to get on a plane and come visit us up here. You are just in time for the Northern Lights!

Thank you and we wish you all the Luvatraxion that you desire. What your resonate with resonates with you, so smile and open to the magic of the world, we will join you there.


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