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The Season of the Falling Leaves is upon us...and Solstice approaches

After a long hot summer and an extended Early Fall, we are ready to step into the cozy season of the Falling Leaves and prepare to celebrate Solstice, the darkness returning. Letting go is the theme for this blog and with all the Global Shifts happening on our ever smaller planet, we are focusing on "Turning Within" and "Surrendering with Grace". 

Our world is changing fast and we are in the crucible of Big Shifts. How are we, each one of us, going to step forward into this exciting and often challenging Time?

Luvatraxion wants to inspire you with the Law of Attraction and the Spiritual Principles of Yoga and Meditation. What we put out comes back to us. So we encourage you to take time to nurture yourself and "Surrender to the Flow". Ask Creator for guidance, however that may look for you. A long hot bath with your favorite music, a long walk by the sea or in the trees, or a long hot yoga class in your neighborhood. Focus on what gives you Joy and Do That.  "Go Within and You Won't Go Without" is one of our mantras for this season. When we feel resourced we often have more to give our loved ones and peers. 

"Wake up and Dream" is about taking time to play and let your creative side out for some good old simple fun. Pull the paints out, or next time you are in the shower, sing your heart out to a favorite song. Luvatraxion wants to inspire you to do something for you and especially something for your Inner Child. "Freebird Fly" is an invitation to let your Wings Out.. what is it you have always wanted to do? Could now be the time? Maybe you want to see Africa or take a singing class, learn how to ride a horse or prepare for your first triathlon. Is Now your Time? We're behind you!

Luvatraxion is inspired by the every day and the mystical and how they play together to create and Attract the world we create in. Behind every human is a pulsing heart full of Luv ...attracting experiences.. May you attract all that makes your Heart Sing. 

Blessed Season of the Falling Leaves.... and the return of the Darkness.. Time to Rest.

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